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Marah Lago Larimar Jewelry
Many people have never seen Larimar - It's rarity ensures that it remains one of natures' best kept secrets. Larimar comes from a remote mountain in the Caribbean islands; from a single square kilometer. Owners of a top grade piece of stone can be assured that they are members of an elite few.

Larimar is highly prized within the metaphysical community. In fact, healers were among the first to recognize the stone's rarity and special gifts. Larimar's extraordinary physical appearance channels the energies of the sea and the heavens to bring peace and tranquility; it is a stone of balance, harmonizing thoughts (air) and emotions (water).

Larimar is associated with the throat chakra and speech, communication and creativity. When placed upon one's forehead it said to open the flow of ideas. As a stone associated with energy center, Larimar has the ability to enhance your natural energy and neutralize negative influences. It calms anger, brings mental clarity and soothes the spirit.