Marta Howell Shell Jewelry

Marta Howell Shell Jewelry
During the past ten years, from her Kailua home-based studio, Marta has designed an extensive collection of bracelets, necklaces, pendants, rings and earrings. She begins with mother-of-pearl and combines it with semi-precious stones such as blue topaz, amethyst, paridot, citrine and garnet. The shapes of the shells guide her, she said: "I see art in every piece of shell. It is a never-ending adventure."

We have an extensive collection of Marta Howell's contemporary and bold jewelry. Our inventory is too large to list each item on the internet but we have included many of Marta's most popular styles. Please order online or feel free to call or email for information on current selections. Mahalo!

BLACK LIP OYSTER - Pteria Penguin - Winged oysters are edible but unpalatable, and seldom produce precious pearls. The Black Lip Oyster is a tropical species with pearly interiors and long, wing-like projections of the hinge. The oyster produces a brilliant nacre with a rainbow-like spectrum of hues. The oyster is a major source of mabe pearl production. Mabe pearls are formed by inserting a half-sphere between the mantle and the shell.

PAUA ABALONE - Haliotis Iris - Paua are cultured today for both pearls and mother-of-pearl but is largely a by-product of the seafood industry. Paua, also known as rainbow abalone, is mosy commonly found along the shores of New Zealand. Paua can be differentiated from other abalone species by its bright, deep, irriddesint colors that are most desirable in dark blues, purples and greens.

GOLD LIP OYSTER -Pinctada Maxima- Sometimes called White or Silver Lipped Oyster. The oyster is a marine bivalve mollusks that has a strong inner shell layer composed of nacre, also known as mother of pearl. Occuring naturally in warm tropical South Pacific water, this is the largest of the oyster species. The Gold Lip Oyster produces the gorgeous silver, white, pink and gold hues of the South Seas Pearl.